About Committee for Moe


On behalf of the Committee For Moe we welcome you to our lovely town and hope that after searching our website it will give you a clear picture of our main focuses and our towns features.

The Committee for Moe was formed to invite all Business Groups, Community Groups, Service Clubs and Residents to discuss town issues and to promote Moe as a great place to work, live and be part of a vibrant community. We are also represented on the Committee For Gippsland executive, which may be viewed at: http://www.committeeforgippsland.com.au

The committee is membership driven by the above to ensure the sustainability and growth in our community and to ensure the area is best represented at all levels, including Council and Government, and confirming our unified support for those things that benefit the whole community.

We realise our relationships will have to be truly legitimate, and that we have to value our partners, members and supporters by showing them we need their comments and input in order to reach a consensus on issues brought to us.

The above takes into consideration all of the people and groups we deal with including individuals, businesses, government, the media, other community groups and so on – as partners in the journey towards our goal to make Moe/Newborough one of the best townships of its size in Gippsland, Victoria.

Whether you are a permanent resident or somebody looking for somewhere to settle down in, we hope you enjoy our website and as a ongoing policy of monitoring and improvement we value your feedback on this website.

We wish you all the best, and thanks for supporting the Moe / Newborough area.